"Boycott Money and Save Your Soul - Launching the Goodwill Revolution"
by Michael I Phillips

  • “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”          - Mark 8:36

ISBN 0-9610516-0-4
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Why, despite our incredible technical achievements, is  our world  bogged down in wars, crime and violence which only seem to worsen? Because we are on the wrong course. Our institutions, our system of values have been corrupted by the love and addiction to money. The Goodwill Revolution shows us how to get back on the right course, beginning with our personal goals to the goals of nations.

Using Lifestyle change to effect political and social reform


  • How to fight ruthless, money-grabbing corporations that exploit workers and  export good American jobs overseas

  • How to resist the seductive brainwashing of advertisers' promotion of irrational extravagant buying

  • Why and how to break the deliberate addiction to money and materialism

  • Money has distorted our perspectives making things more important than people

  • Money has corrupted our institutions, democracy and value system

  • Democracy has become a red herring to keep us powerless

  • Tells you why you should boycott schools like Harvard, the SUV of colleges

  • How to use goodwill instead of retaliation to overcome hostility

  • How to unite adversaries behind goodwill to fight social injustice

  • How to quit the rat race for the human race

  • How to make bad corporations good

  • How good people have been manipulated to aggravate the problems of the world

  • New strategies to overcome war, poverty and social injustice

  • The real heroes - goodwillies

 For more information on the book do a Google search for Boycott Money for actual samples from the book.)

"Popular philosophy is now molded by the writers of advertising copy, whose one idea is to convince everybody to be as extroverted  and uninhibitedly greedy as possible, since of course it is only the possesive, the restless, the distracted, who spend  money on the things that advertisers want to sell."

                                                     -- Aldous Huxley

It is time to take our minds back from these advertisers!
It’s time for a revolution.
It’s time for the Goodwill Revolution


uthor Michael I Phillips was born in Jamaica . He received MA (Education) and BS (Chemistry) degree sat at Howard University in Washington DC , USA . Previous work includes “Poems for Husbands and Other Underdogs”, compilation and publishing poetry books “Bitten by Bonzo” and “Living in Constant Spring”. However, most recent years have been spent in a one-man production of  Hot Calaloo, a newsletter about  Caribbean news and views. From April 1992 to December 1999 it was published monthly and is now on the web at hotcalaloo.com.


use the Goodwill Revolution to :

·         Replace our love and addiction to money and materialism.

·         Create goodwill to all

·         Improve all relationships including family and personal

·         Fight enmity, hostility and belligerence

·         Collect friends instead of just material goods

·         Save the world instead of just money

·         Save our soul

Boycott Money and Save Your Soul - Launching the Goodwill Revolution

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The Goodwill Revolution is a systematic comprehensive realistic plan to devalue money and revalue people and relationships.  Of course, goodwill to all people means we oppose the exploitation of all people. We propose new strategies for positive change, but without hostility and rancor because goodwill is not only our goal but also our means.